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12th Apr 2017
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It’s official: Ugg boots are trending again! These comfy, fluffy and cute footwear staples are back in a big way. Celebrities of all ages are flashing their Ugg-style boots, making them fashion’s sexiest boot again. Want to have warm feet and rock a stylish winter look? Get your own Ugg-style boots and follow these tips…

The Ultimate Winter Boot of 2017

Before you think about getting all wild and wearing Ugg-style boots with your nightie to the shops at 12am, take a breath and style your Uggs right. There’s a fine line between looking fashionable in your Ugg-style boots, and looking like a 2007 Britany Spears…

DO Keep Your Boots Classy!

Aim for low-key and stylish – wear your Ugg-style boots in a subtle shade with a coat and accessorize with a pretty handbag for a put-together ensemble.

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DON’T Wear Ugg-Style Boots in Summer

Please. Please don’t wear your boots with shorts. If it’s warm enough for crop-tops it’s too warm for fluffy boots. Your feet will get sweaty and your outfit will look quite mismatched.

DO Get Ankle Boots

The baby Ugg boot is going to be much more popular this season. The ankle-height boots look more structured and less squishy! Pair these with your favourite black skinny jeans and add a blazer.

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DON’T Pair Your Uggs with Gym Clothes

You’ll look sloppy. The secret to Athleisure is wearing one sporty item with an elegant outfit. Don’t wear a full tracksuit and Ugg-style boots all together, unless you’re having a chill day around your house.

DO Match Your Boots to the Occasion

Uggs are the perfect casual shoe and great to wear for a walk along the prom on an icy winter day. They will keep your feet toasty and you’ll look cute while you stare soulfully out over the ocean.

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DON’T Wear Uggs to the Office

Funerals, fancy restaurants and interviews are also off-limits. We’ve all worn questionable things in formal environments before, but we need to accept that there are some places that are not Ugg friendly.

DO Combine Winter Boots with a Dress

I know leggings and Uggs (along with Starbucks’ Frappuccino) are considered to form the core of the Basic Girl starter-kit. But leggings and Ugg-style boots worn together with a dress CAN be a thing of beauty! Pair a pretty winter dress, leggings and your Uggs for a flirty and relaxed look.

DON’T Get Your Uggs Wet

Uggs don’t fare well in very wet weather! While they will hold up against some drizzle, these are not rugged all weather boots. When they get wet they tend to warp. If you do get yours soaked, stuff them with newspaper so they keep their shape while they dry.

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