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In Her Shoes: Khanyi Mbau
14th Aug 2017
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Shoe Trends: Spectacular Spring Shoes
29th Sep 2017

When it comes to the history of shoes, few styles can claim to have been around as long as gladiator sandals have! These spring shoes are a favourite across the globe due to their comfort, flexibility and open design that allows airflow to the feet. No matter the shoe trends taking the fashion world by storm each year, gladiator sandals will always make an appearance when the warmer months roll around. Here’s how to work your gladiators this spring…

Spring Shoes: What are Gladiator Sandals?

As the name suggests, gladiator sandals were widely worn by Roman gladiators taking part in arena battles. These uber-comfortable sandals were highly popular at the time, worn by people from all walks of life and social groups. Ever try to run in slip-slops? Impossible, we know! However, Gladiator sandals are essentially a foot-shaped sole section strapped to the foot and often the leg with thin straps. The straps fasten the sandal to your leg, which means you can easily walk, run, jump and even ride a bicycle in a pair of Gladiator sandals!

Style Tips: Women’s Gladiator Sandals

• Match ankle-high Gladiators with jeans for hitting the town on cooler spring days
• Long legs? Accentuate them with knee-high Gladiator sandals
• Short legs? Choose knee-high Gladiators with a vertical front strap to lengthen your legs’ appearance
• Knee-high Gladiator sandals are perfectly matched with denim shorts and a light flowing top
• Slip-on-and-go kind of gal? These zip-up Gladiator sandals are easy to hop in and out of – without having to tie any straps.

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