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5 Women’s Shoes We Know You’ll Want for Christmas
14th Dec 2017
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Caring for Your Summer Shoes
31st Jan 2018
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It’s January 2018 and we’re still enjoying a superb South African summer. With the new year comes fresh opportunity to take stock of our lives – and our overflowing shoe closets. So, get the black bin bags and dustpan ready, we’re showing you how to completely rejuvenate your shoe closet with the latest women’s shoe styles from Shoeperama!


Since it’s summer, we thought we’d start by taking a look at the shoes you wear most often during the warmer months – sassy sandals!

Chuck out those old, worn sandals and step out in Shoeperama style with a stunning pare of our new flat sandals in either blue, brown or cream.

Like the look? We’ve got them as a wedge style sandal with a thong-like strap should you prefer a raised heel on your summer sandals.


Pretty pumps are also a summer shoe favourite, and are ideal footwear options when hitting the town on a warm summer’s evening!

Pumps, especially the white variety, get scuffed and spoiled after wearing them a few times. Don’t be scared to go white, though! Get yourself a pair of our white pumps while they’re on special from our Shoeperama online store. At that price, you might as well get two!

Prefer darker, more aesthetically detailed pumps? These ladies’ pumps in grey or black are as comfortable as they are pretty.


Sometimes, when you’re not sure what your weekend has in store, you just want to chill around the house in a comfortable pair of any-occasion shoes.

We’ve got a few stunning new casual shoes on our Shoeperama website, like these fabulous floral lace-up sneakers with white soles.

Not a fan of flowery print? These lace-up sneakers in white and gold are bling bling like few others! Prefer ankle-height casual shoes? Check out these high-top ladies’ sneakers in either denim blue or pearl white.


The high lace-up or ankle strap wedge was the talk of 2017 in the footwear fashion world, so rejuvenate your shoe closet with styles fresh from the red carpet!

Like these absolutely gorgeous monotone wedges in olive green or royal blue, featuring sleek transitions from uppers to lowers and ankle straps to finish the trendy look off.

If you prefer a cork-wedge, more open style of raised heel, have a look at these pretty cork wedges in blissful blue or grey.


January is also the month when the most gym memberships are opened, as new year’s resolutions of better health kick in.

So, if your exercise shoes are a little long in the tooth, check out these stunning ultra-light ladies’ sneakers in gorgeous grey and white.

Prefer to make a bit of a statement with your gym shoes? Then these women’s takkies in pretty pink and white are sure to turn a few heads on the treadmill!

Trendy Women’s Shoes Online

We’ve got the shoe trends fresh from the red carpet! Keep an eye on our Shoeperama website for the latest styles, and sign up to our loyalty program to earn points (which you can use to buy more shoes). Get in touch with us here for more information on the above ladies’ shoe styles!