Heading to the Durban July? Read These Shoe Tips First!

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6th Jun 2017
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The Durban July is one of our city’s most star-studded and fashion forward events. It’s a day where pedigree thoroughbred horses are as well shod as the glamorous crowds who come to live it up. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the VIP lounge or in the stands, bringing your fashion A-game is a must. Don’t leave the house on race day before you read these shoe hacks though. Seriously, your feet will thank you…

How to Survive in Heels at The Durban July

Unless you’re Bonang you probably won’t have an entourage of people making sure you’re comfortable all day. This is a proper outdoor-all-day-event, not an afternoon lawn party. Obstacles will include and are not limited to: Stairs, LOTS of walking, manure, grass and an array of uneven surfaces waiting to ambush your heels. It’s hard to look chic with a sprained ankle, so pick your shoes wisely!

Not big on High-Heels? Rock Kitten Heels Instead

Kitten heels are back and are super-hot. Which is great news if you’re not a big heel wearer and don’t feel confident at the best of times in sky-high heels. These heels will put a lot less pressure on the balls of your feet, but allow you to still look on point among the glitterati.

Want feel comfortable and look chic? Slip into some kitten heels

Your Secret Weapons: Wedges and Platforms

The wide flat heel on these shoes mean you can gain more height and enjoy a decent amount of stability. These heels also usually have straps around the ankle or straps up the foot which means you get added support! You get just as a gorgeous variety of wedges and platforms as you do stiletto heels, which means if you’re heading to #VDJ2017 and want to rock serious heels then these are a no brainer. Just don’t think you can go really high with these because they are more stable. After a certain heel height if you don’t have a super low-centre of gravity and the runway skills of Kate Moss, you’re going to have a bad time.

• Complete your outfit with these elegant wedges

Go All Out in Stilettos

Decided you’re not playing games and that you’ll be heading to the races looking as glorious as Queen Bey? Then you’ll probably want to complement your banging outfit with an equally hot pair of stilettos. Good news is that you can make your heels comfier! Many shoe shops and drug stores sell self-adhesive gel pads that fit under the ball of your foot and under your heel which will help relieve the pressure in those spots. It’s also a good idea to pack some trusty plasters – if you’re wearing heels all day they will ultimately at some point begin to chaff. Chaffing. Ruins. Lives. If you don’t have any plasters to protect the affected areas your feet are likely to end up a mess.

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When in Doubt, Pack Pumps

Whether you’re wearing sling-backs, Lady Gaga style boots, kitten heels or a good old fashion pair of ‘lettos, it is a great idea, wait…no, it is ESSENTIAL that you pack some pumps. They’ll fit right into your tote or you can even leave them in the car! And after five hours of looking fabulous, sipping fizz, taking Insta pics with your crew (while on the inside you’re dying from the pain) you will be so happy you were the smart woman who packed a crafty pair of pumps.

• Look cute and confident in a pair of awesome pumps

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