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9th Oct 2017
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21st Nov 2017
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With the warmer days that spring awards us here in South Africa, ladies the nation over will be rediscovering their active selves. Beach season is only a few weeks away, after all! You’ve already eyed out the perfect bikini, but do you have the right shoes to turn your winter wobbles into summer sizzlers before December? We’re looking at a few spunky athleisure shoes you can run in, and have fun in, right here…


Holey Moley

*Image courtesy of Fitness Magazine*


Ever wished people could see your funky socks through your shoes? Well, your wish has been granted! These pretty in pink lace-up athleisure shoes redefine shoe breathability, and are perfect for getting up and active.


*Image courtesy of Footwear News*

Imagine if a sneaker and a brogue shoe had a baby. We think it’d look something like this rather spunky brushed pink athleisure shoe! Probably not the greatest to go for a run in, but at least you’ll look like you did.

Traditional Runner

Looking for a good ol’ pair of trusty takkies like you had at school, but with a stylish modern twist? These cute little trainers in pink or grey are the perfect running shoes – and are guaranteed to turn heads while you’re picking up some groceries after your workout!


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Open-Toe Trainer

*Image courtesy of Footwear News*

No ways? Yes ways! These athleisure shoes look more like art installations than actual wearable shoes, and feature crossing straps for support and openings on the sides and front for better airflow. With more colours than a painter’s palette, you’ll be noticed in these shoes for sure!

Stunning Straps

Keeping up with the shoe-art trend of 2017, we’ve got a funky athleisure shoe of our own! This stylish sneaker features five cross-straps for foot support, and comes in grey as shown here – or darker navy blue.


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Simple Slip-On

In the market for a simple, easy-to-wear, no fuss type of athleisure slip-on shoe? We might have just what you’ve been looking for! This cute Shoeperama pump-sneaker comes in pretty pink or blue and black, and guarantees to be one of the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn.


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Get Yours Online

The only thing better than shopping for women’s shoes in South Africa is being able to order the shoes you want with the click of a button. Shoeperama offers FREE SHIPPING on online orders over R450 from our online store, or simply visit one of our Shoeperama branches near you!