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17th Jul 2017
1980s shoe revival
Shoe Trends: 1980s Shoe Revival
11th Aug 2017

What do women want, asked psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Turns out the answer to the question is SHOES! It seems that shopping for shoes puts us on a ‘neurological high’ – but the downside is those guilt feelings…It even has a name…SHOE GUILT. However, there are some perfectly legit reasons to buy new shoes! Find out more…

Your Shoes are Worn

No matter how much we love them, there comes a time when every pair of shoes reaches its expiry date. Not only do worn shoes look scruffy, they’re bad for our health, too! Say experts, worn shoes can exaggerate the biochemical faults we already have – like, knee and heel pain. To tell if your shoes have reached the point where you need to let them go, check for:

• Scuffed or worn heels
• Flat spots on the outer soles
• Nails poking through the inner sole
• Wrinkled inner soles
• Damage to the toe box
• Stretched or broken straps on sandals.

Your Shoes are Looking Dated

Shoes don’t just protect our feet from the environment and the elements, they make a fashion statement, too! In fact, the shoes we wear say a lot about who we are. Researchers have shown that we really do judge a person by the shoes they wear – this experiment demonstrated that the style, value, colour and condition of a person’s shoes reveal something of their personality traits and characteristics, and even their political views. Refreshing your shoe selection is a cost-effective and easy way to show people that you are current, innovative and move with the times!

Your Shoes Make Your Feet Hurt

Hobbling along in uncomfortable shoes? Don’t. Do. It. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can cause long-term foot damage, too – unsightly and painful conditions like bunions, hammertoe and planter fasciitis can be serious enough to require surgery. Rather throw out those ill-fitting shoes and invest in a pair that fits you correctly.

Everyone’s Seen Your Shoes

Are you guilty of slipping on the same trusty pair of shoes day in day out? Not only is it super-dull for you – and everyone else – it’s also unhealthy. We need a break from seeing you in those shoes, and your shoes need a break from being worn, too! Giving your shoes a day off will give them the chance to dry out properly (they soak up the perspiration from your feet), which helps them better retain their shape, prolonging their lifespan.

There’s a Shoe Sale On…

Getting hold of a really fabulous pair of shoes for a really fabulous price…now that’s a great reason to get new shoes! Shoeperama’s got you, girl – to celebrate Women’s Day on 9th August, we’re offering 15% off all regular priced shoes in our online store from 7-13 August. As always, there’s free shipping on orders of R450. Happy shopping!