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Rejuvenate Your Shoe Closet in 2018
25th Jan 2018
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The festive season may have passed, but the South African summer is still FAR from over. You’re probably still stepping out of the house in summer shoes of various shapes and sizes, but your sandals and other summery shoes will more than likely be banished to the back of your shoe closet come the cooler months. So, in preparation, here’s how to care for your summer shoes BEFORE putting them in storage until October…

Synthetic Shoes


Unless you’re wearing orthopaedics – or you pay an arm and two legs for shoes – chances are your summer sandals are manufactured using synthetic materials.

That’s not a bad thing at all, because synthetic shoes are the easiest to clean! All you’ll need is a soft bristle brush (like a toothbrush) and some regular dish washing liquid.

First, mix a bit of the soap in a cup of water until bubbles form. Dip your brush into the concoction and rub on the surfaces of your summer shoes that need the most TLC.

Lastly, take a damp cloth and wipe the soap away. Hang to dry and they’re ready for storage!


Leather Shoes


We know, we know. You REALLY want to get those gorgeous genuine leather gladiator sandals looking like a million bucks again, but you just can’t bring yourself to subjecting them to household detergents.

Good! That’d probably ruin them.

Leather shoes – and shoes made from other natural products – require a little more TLC than their synthetic counterparts.

So, to clean your leather summer shoes before they go back in the box for a few months, start by investing in a proper leather cleaner and a suede block.

The latter is used to treat suede spots on leather, while the former restores the leather’s natural oils.


Summer Shoes Storage Tips


There are many ways to store your summer shoes; ranging from simply piling them up at the bottom of your wardrobe, to placing each pair neatly in their own little plastic box. Regardless of which you choose to store your shoes, follow these guidelines:

  • Remove shoe laces and store them separately
  • Save space and store sandals in an over-the-door shoe organiser
  • If storing shoes in individual boxes, collect anti-moisture sachets and place one in each box
  • Got fresh Rosemary growing in the garden? Place a bushel or two in your super stinky shoes to remove the bad smells in time for next summer
  • Got too many shoes to store? Give your excess kicks to a charity or women’s homeless shelter.