5 Benefits of Buying Shoes Online: Change the Way You Shop Forever

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17th Mar 2017
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buying shoes online

It’s 2017 and unless you’ve been in bunker waiting out an impending apocalypse for the past ten years, you will have experienced the joys of shopping for your footwear online. According to a 2016 ecommerce report a whopping 56% of us have ventured into virtual shops on the internet in the past year.  Still trawling malls to get your shoe fix? Read on to find out the benefits of buying shoes online…

buying shoes online

Buying Shoes – Treat yourself

There are few things that fill us with the same anticipation as tearing the wrapping off a gift does. Every time you buy shoes online you get to experience those same sensations when your package is delivered to you. It’s like having your birthday whenever you like, but you get the presents that you really want. What’s not to love?

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No Stress Shoes – Beat the Crowds

You know what malls have? People. Pay day crowds. So. Many. People. In the immortal words of Sweet Brown: “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”. Seriously, sit on your couch, grab a beverage and enjoy browsing through websites that are designed to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. No more heading back to those shoes you saw five hours ago, in a shop whose name you’ve forgotten, while beating off people to get to the cashier.

Review Those Heels – Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Sales people are trained to get you to buy things you don’t necessarily want or need. When you’re shopping online you can mute pesky sales pitches and scroll through as many reviews as you need, before you commit.  Online you can compare prices and find out how other buyers rate the shoes you want, so you can avoid future buyer’s remorse.

Discreet Shoe Shopping – Save Face

Don’t want to bump into your mother-in-law while you’re purchasing lingerie for her daughter? Not a problem. Want avoid bumping into the entire matric class of 2000 while your weave is looking tatty? Sorted. Sales lady giving your hairy toes and unpedicured feet serious side eye while you try on expensive shoes? Never again! Online shopping is open 24 hours a day, meaning you can shop discreetly and at your own convenience.

Shoes in a Click – Incredible Variety

Stores only put a limited assortment of stock out on the floor these days. If you want a bigger selection you can go onto the shops website. The website’s search option will help you find the perfect shoe by letting you browse by price, shoe type, size, brand, colour, what’s new in and what’s discounted. Sites can even recommend shoes depending on the event (evening wear, weddings) you need them for!

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