How to Prepare Your Feet for Summer

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While most see the summer months as opportunity to hit the beach, catch a tan and redefine the word relaxation at their favourite holiday destination – we’re excited for a completely different reason…

Warmer weather means we get to show off our gorgeous feet in stunning summer sandals!

Nothing looks quite as good as woman’s feet, perfectly pedicured and moisturised to the max, in a gorgeous pair of trendy summer sandals – so in preparation for the chance to show your feet off wherever you might find yourself this year-end break, we’re looking at how to prepare your feet for summer…

Plan a Pedi


Now that we’ve got your attention ladies, we need to talk…

Most of us already know that grabbing a pedicure before going on summer holiday is something that should be done, right?

The issue with getting pedis done at salons is that very few of these establishments actually sanitise their soaking tubs and equipment correctly.

Unsanitary pedicure equipment can lead to toenail fungus transmission and bacterial infections, which will probably only reveal themselves when you’re at your Christmas party in sandals and can’t hide your toes.

So, grab a pedi before summer hits with full force, but be sure to visit a salon that takes hygiene very VERY seriously.



Just making sure you’re still with us…

The hot, summer weather does one thing extremely well – it dehydrates.

We’re not only talking about the thirst you feel walking off the beach after a full day of becoming a lobster in the blistering sun.

We’re talking about your skin.

So, in the interest of keeping your heels (and the rest of your feet) looking and feeling like a baby’s bottom all through summer, be sure to start moisturising your feet every night from now until you go on holiday.

Trust us, your future self will thank you for it!

Be Shoe Smart


That’s right, the shoes you choose to wear between now and the warmer summer months are going to affect your feet.


Closed shoes are known to cause sweaty foot syndrome (especially during summer). The damp, humid conditions in your shoes are like a haven for bacterial growth and fungus incubation.

So, do your nail technician a favour and choose open shoes as much as possible between now and when you go for your pre-holiday pedicure.

For those killer hot days, these uber-comfortable sandals with elastic back strap in brown or cream are the answer to your summer footwear prayers.

For cooler summer days, these stunning new Missy sandals with heel support and extra strapping will allow your feet to breath, while not being completely open to the elements.